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The Paralegal Boot Camp™ is a series of paralegal workshops, presented live, online and on-demand throughout the year.  


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June 10, 2014:  Increasing Your Billable Hours


The Paralegal Boot Camp’s 4-Step Plan to Increasing Your Billable Hours in 2014

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The Paralegal Boot Camp:  Increasing Your Billable Hours course starts June 10, 2014.  This newly extended and interactive course takes paralegals through 4 weeks of study that will increase your billable hours in 2014 and beyond with the Blueprint for Paralegal Billable Hours™.

Do you struggle with meeting your annual billable hour goal?

Do you find time entry to be one of your more challenging tasks as a paralegal?

This course is for you!  By the end of the course you will be billing more hours and more of those hours will stay on the client’s bills through the Paralegal Boot Camp’s 4-Step Plan to Increasing Your Billable Hours.

Course highlights:

• Why time entry is a skill that is so important to a paralegal’s career

• How to increase your value to the law firm through your time entries

• The 6 rules of mastering time entry skills that will be easy to implement right away

• Key elements to have in each of your time entries, even those difficult situations that seem hard to describe

• How to use time entry to communicate your value to the client

• Use of hands-on drafting techniques, exercises and resources that will make time entry easy

Course format:

The course is 4 weeks (approx. 2 hours per week) and consists of pre-recorded lessons that are available to begin viewing by each Tuesday of the course.  You can view the lessons on your own schedule, together with the interactive assignments, group discussions, worksheets and resources. Each Friday, the class meets for a live Q&A with the instructor.

Cost:  $299





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