Live Paralegal Workshops

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The Paralegal Boot Camp® offers live paralegal workshops in select cities and online.   The paralegal workshops are skills-based training programs that go beyond the theory and terminology and get right to the skills needed to succeed as a paralegal.

Our paralegal workshop topics include everything from time entry, advanced case management, e-discovery project management and preparing for trial.  You walk away from every paralegal workshop with new skills, resources and tools.

All of our live paralegal workshops are also available as on-demand interactive training programs that you can take at your own pace and from your computer.  Visit our Course Offerings to learn more about our on-demand programs.


Upcoming live paralegal workshops



Date Location Training Program
December 5, 2014 Atlanta, GA Billable Hour Boot Camp Learn More
December 11, 2014 Birmingham, AL Litigation Case Management Learn More
December 16, 2014 Online Billable Hour Boot Camp Learn More
January 13, 2015 Atlanta, GA Trial Prep Boot Camp
January 14, 2015 Online (6 weeks) E-Discovery Project Management Learn More
January 26, 2015 New York, NY Billable Hour Boot Camp